Beach, bar and fun in pattaya

If you are a business traveler who wants to have the best of both worlds with lots of sea food, water sports, cabaret, eco garden and the beer then you are talking of none other than beautiful city of pattaya. The city bears everything a tourist wishes to see. You can go for the sightseeing at pattaya. The city unfolds its beauty and the places of tourist interest to every visitor.

Places which you must visit in Pattaya

    • You can start the tour of unfolding the city of Pattaya by going through the Walking Street. This street is included in the places of tourist interest because of its unique features. This street is stretched to 500 meters and every meter of the both sides of the street is filled with bars, nightclubs, and restaurants and go go bars. The music coming from the every place with glittering neon light, make the street best and unique street. You can roam freely watching the beauty and the bars on both sides of the street without caring for the traffic as the street is closed for the traffic from 6pm till 2 am in the night till then the street and its pleasures are all yours.

  • The second place of attraction is just meant to be evading from the materialistic pleasures of the life. The place is known as the sanctuary of truth. The place is dedicated to the spiritualism and the ageless travel of the humanity seeking the truth of life after death. The place is beautifully built in teak wood. A thing which requires appreciation to the skills of the artisans, who build this monument of art and spirituality, is that none of the wood was chemically treated and still withstands the saline air of the sea. The place stands as the mark of remembrance of seeking truth of life by the monks.