Capital Nights – The Clubs and Bars of Madrid

In Madrid the action really starts to heat up at night and there are plenty of choices available to make an early night out of the question.

In genuine Spanish style (and nothing can be more Spanish than spending a night out on the town in the capital city), nightlife in Madrid doesn’t go into full swing until after the witching hour and continues to party until dawn when the sun starts to peek over the ancient buildings.

Madrid Clubs

The Gran Via (or Great Way) is the most famous street in all of Madrid and the main hub of the city’s entertainment and go to place for thrill-seekers and tourists. Many of Madrid’s Clubs are located here. Gran Via is full of restaurants, clubs and bars and an excellent destination in Europe for weekend party animals, hens and stags.

The long street as well as the abundance of adjacent side streets and alleys full of hostelries, cocktails and tapas bars offer endless opportunities for good booze, delicious food and plenty of fun.

Madrid Bars

Del Diego

Like much of the nightlife in Madrid, Del Diego has a splash of sophistication. Commonly considered to be one of Madrid’s premier bars, it is a cool blend of elegant tapas restaurant and classy cocktail lounge while still maintaining a sense of complete lively fun. It is a venue that oozes full of big city life that can only take place in Madrid.


If you are searching for an old fashioned Spanish bar then this grand old saloon located right off of Gran Via is a nice change of pace. Ideal for maybe a couple of liveners before kicking off the real action later in the night.

Madrid Night Clubs

To experience Madrid’s real nightlife pulse, there are the huge clubs to experience.

Sala Sol

One of the city’s most popular and well-loved resorts, since the late 1970s, Sala Sol has been an integral component of Madrid’s night life. From funk and soul classics, the music here spans across decades prior to the DJs taking over once midnight strikes to fill up the air with electronica all night long.


Pacha is one of Madrid’s hottest clubs. It is a mega-club in the full sense of the word, a location that is pulsating with strobe lights, world-class DJs and throbbing music all night long. It is rare for the night to get going before 3 am, so you have plenty of time to get warmed up before getting there. With hundreds of people filling up all of the floors it makes Pacha one of Spain’s hippest and one of the world’s premier destinations for clubbers.


Another very popular hot spot in Madrid is Joy, which is for all of the techno lovers out there. It is a truly classic club venue with its laser lighting, pumping music and house dancers. The centre-piece of the club is its huge, sunken dance floor filled up with dancers dancing late into the night every evening. It is surrounded by cleverly laid out tables and sofas. You can watch the action from up on a wide balcony with the beat pulsing late into the Spanish night. Like all of the city’s other major venues, Joy really doesn’t start to get going until after 3 am, when the dance floor starts to fill up and begin swaying to the rhythm.