If you have never visited Utah in your lifetime, then you really cannot fathom exactly what you have been missing. This western U.S. state is defined by the striking desert landscapes it possesses. Often referred to as the Beehive State, you will be spoilt for choices in terms of jaw-dropping sceneries and memorable experiences. And the best way to experience the breathtaking beauty of this state is to stay at one of the luxurious rentals in Utah and explore the famous five national parks of the state, adorably known as the ‘Mighty 5’. All of these parks are rich with the most awe-inspiring landscapes and are at a really close distance to each other. So remember to of miss any of these five magnificent national parks when you travel to Utah for your next vacation. You can be sure to have an experience of a lifetime.

1. Zion National Park

More than four million people visit the Zion National Park to bask in the breathtaking beauty of this park. Zion has something incredible for you when you go on a hike through this national park. During your hike, the ground will rise in front of your eyes, then the ground will drop as you face the massive canyons and then the ground will turn into water as you embark on your journey through the water submerged routes. Climb the incredible trail to the observatory deck to see some of the most incredible vistas the park has in store for you.

2. Bryce Canyon National Park

Next, go for a mule riding tour through the Bryce Canyon National Park. You will get to ride your mule through gigantic, orange coloured drip castles. These beautiful geological formations and the incredible colours attract thousands of visitors every year. The towering hoodoos, the natural bridges, the narrow fins and the hair-raising cliffs will surely etch the beauty of this park in your memory forever. You can also stay overnight at Bryce Canyon National Park, to experience the spectacular views of the changing colours and the dramatic transformation of light and shadows during early morning and late evening.

3. Capitol Reef National Park

Capitol Reef National Park is much less frequented by tourists than Bryce or Zion. However, don’t let the numbers fool you, as the sense of expansiveness that this park provides is literally unfathomable. The park almost feels like a different planet in itself. With its gorgeous coloured cliffs, hidden arches, huge domes and endless canyons, Capitol Reef gives you a sense of how the earth could have looked like long before life was present. Take a scenic route, a really scenic route through the wilderness, stay the night and gaze at a sky full of uncountable stars, which you might not have seen ever before.

4. Canyonlands National Park

The Canyonlands National Park is blessed with miles and miles of deep canyons, huge mesas, cliffs and spires. This mind-blowing landscape was formed by the currents of Utah’s Green and Colorado rivers. Visiting this park will be a treat if you love adventures. Bike through the desert terrain, and after some time, you will find yourself rafting in the river water, mastering class 2 waves to class 3, class 4… classic.

5. Arches National Park

The sunrise at the Arches National Park is worth fighting your morning laziness and visit the park early morning. The horizon gets bathed by the light of the rising sun, as you reach the iconic Landscape Arch. The incredible vistas will simply take your breath away. This huge park is filled with over 2000 sandstone arches, numerous sandstone fins, hoodoos, towers, ribs and much more. It is no wonder that Arches is one of the most famous parks in the USA.