How to Enjoy the Time When Your Home is Being Refurbished

If you are someone whose home needs to be upgraded, then you have probably been preparing to have a contractor or specialist plan and do the interior improvements.  It may be a basic paint job, or it may be something like installing a new floor.  Other projects, like kitchen or bathroom refurbishing – might require plumbing improvements or electrical system work.  These kinds of projects may need you to stay away from your home while the work is underway since things like utilities, plumbing, and heating or air conditioning will be inoperative during the project.

You may view this as an inconvenience, but it could be a blessing instead.  For example, if you want to go visit someplace with your children, this may be the perfect opportunity.  Maybe you’d like them to have them see the cherry trees blooming in Washington, DC.  Or you might want them to get to see and experience the events that take place during Mardi Gras.  You can take advantage of this “enforced exile” by having your family stay at an Extended Stay America hotel for a week.  Using a Groupon coupon can get you a discount of up to 31% off on the rates, while you can have a comfortable suite where your family can stay while you spend the time visiting the sites and absorbing the atmosphere of the community you visit.  And your stay could serve as time to do work and research on that major project you never get to finish because of all the interruptions that occur when you try to do it at home.  There are folks who use a Groupon coupon to take a room at Extended Stay America so they can prepare income tax returns without interruptions.  Then they try deducting the stay from their next year’s return as a business expense!  I don’t know if that’s a good approach, but it’s a creative way to save money while getting a break from the daily grind.

The best thing about using the stay is the return home.  You are fully rested, you’ve enjoyed being away, and now you can return to see the new and finished product after the contractors have finished the work on your home.  It is almost like returning to savor the presents you find under the Christmas tree, except this will be something you can enjoy every day from now on.