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The 5 Basic Human Survival Needs

There are 5 basic things that every human needs to survive. Sure, you need to have a little money to have a comfortable and safe place to live, but when it all comes down to it, these are the five basic survivalsavior.com things all human animals have needed since the beginning of time.

Basic Human Need #1:  OXYGEN

Breathing is one of the most incredible miracles of life.  We do it automatically.  We never think about it.  Indeed, it is a miracle of life that we can do it without thinking about it and it keeps us alive.

Have you never really thought about it?  Well, try holding your breath.  For as long as possible.  Inhale and hold it.  You can probably hold it for maybe a minute or more if you really focus.  Now exhale.  Don’t breathe in again.

Right; that time you probably didn’t last very long before your survival mode started to warn you that you need to breathe.

That is how essential oxygen is. You can only last about 15 minutes without oxygen before irreparable brain damage sets in.

Basic Human Need #2:  WATER

The human body is 60 percent water.  We need water to lubricate the blood and the brain as well as the joints and even the lungs.  We use water in our digestion process and even to help keep our balance.   You are probably a little more aware of your need for water—as you have likely been thirsty before—but, depending on several variables, you can survive as long as 5 days without water (but that is pretty much the human limit).

Basic Human Need #3:  FOOD

If you are in a survival situation water is typically the first thing you need to secure and immediately following that would be food; it could also be shelter.  It can depend on many variables too, including your personal fitness and fat reserves.  You can survive a week or two without food, but the longer you wait, the less energy you will have (and you could develop other health issues in the process).

Basic Human Need #4:  SHELTER
Shelter is, essentially, safety.  The first shelter you might find—in a survival situation—could be a tree or maybe a cave.  If you are able to find food quickly, you might have the energy to build a shelter.

Basic Human Need #5:  SLEEP

Now, you will never die from a lack of sleep, but you really don’t want your body shutting down for a nap until you have secured shelter.