The Great Things to Do in Flores Indonesia

It will be a very nice idea for you to take a vacation in Flores every time you have a spare time to spend. It is because there are so many wonderful things that you can do in order to make you have the fascinating and fun impression. Then, in case you are so curious about the great things to do in flores indonesia, it is actually so much recommended for you to keep reading below!

Well, here are the numerous things to do in flores indonesia that you cannot miss at all, which can be like:

  • Visiting Mount Kelimutu

One of so many things that you have to do when you are in Flores is visiting the Mount Kelimutu. This amazing mount will definitely show you the stunning view that can drop your jaw for sure because of its awesome three volcanoes. Each of those volcanoes will be able to change color of their lakes. Even better, you will see that the lake can be very mesmerizing as it shows its color and shape when the sun shines to it. Then, if you come to that tourism object on the right time, you might have the chance to see a traditional ritual that is done by the local residents. It is because most of the people there believe that the lakes will be the places where the spirits of the ancestors will live forever.

  • Coming to Milo Village

Furthermore, in case you really want to taste the special food of Flores, it will be so much better if you come to Milo Village. There are so many options of tasty food that you can choose when you visit this village, which one of them that you must try is the fried duck and prawns. All of them will be prepared after the Caci dance (the dance performance to welcome you to the village) gets done. Afterward, when you find your dishes on the table, you can actually enjoy them while seeing the eyes pleasing scenery which can make the food yummier somehow. So, you have to ensure that you will never miss this thing when you spend your leisure time in Flores.

  • Meeting the Komodo Dragons

The next thing that you have to when you are in Flores is meeting the largest reptile in the world, Komodo Dragons. This particular activity can be a fun and challenging things that will make you feel the adventurous side of the region. In this kind of activity, you will have the chance to see the Komodo Dragons directly. However, there is nothing you need to be worried about when you do this thing because you will be guided by an experienced ranger during the tour.

In conclusion, those are some great things to do in flores indonesia that you cannot miss at all. Basically, all of them can be perfect things that will make your holiday become so amazing and hard to forget. Thus, you will always want to go back to Flores more and more when it the holiday season comes.